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Anyone can create an Idea but not everyone can give a perception to it. Sanghamitra Arts not only crests ideas, but perceives it to deliver promising performances. In innovation as in any other endeavor there is talent, there is ingenuity, andthere is Sanghamitra Arts. Sanghamitra Arts made its foray with a mission to provide efficient client-based outputs amidst the emerging revolution in the media industry.

Sanghamitra Arts has been a pioneer, right from the beginning of its operations from the year 2009. Sanghamitra Arts’ areas of expertise include feature films, television productions, advertising, corporate filmmaking, documentary making, educative filmmaking, brand building, 2D works, 3D works so on and so forth.

Our varied expertise in different orbits of media has earned us a backing of the loyal clients across the private, public, and Government and NGO domain. Eventually, awards and rewards also came our way, which boosted us to exploit more challenging endeavors